Hanangell Skin Booster Review

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Korea has always been a heaven for beauty-related stuff - from skincare, cosmetics to plastic surgery; and today, I like to talk about a product from Korean that I've stumbled upon recently.

Hanangell is one of Korea's latest advance beauty technologies. It is said to be greatly hydrating, smoothing, moisture whitening, and classifies to cosmeceutical grade skin care product.

The main components of the skin booster are made up from hyaluronic acid and collagen. The small molecular compounds in the skin booster have quick penetration into skin and, supplementation of collagen and moisture in human body itself.

It comes in 2 syringes of skin booster in a pack. A syringe of skin booster is equivalent to 10 sheets of facial masks, and it has 11 effectiveness:

1) Anti-oxidant
2) Improves skin tone
3) Reduces melanin
4) Hydrating
5) Fades acne scars
6) Refines pores
7) Anti-wrinkles
8) Firms skin
9) Soothes allergy
10) Repairs basal cells
11) Deep cleaning

When I heard the word "syringe", I was expecting to see needles but it turns out to be not. I like how they pack the syringes into a sealed package. Just tear open the sealed packaging and you'll see 2 syringes in it.

I like how the syringes are nicely sealed in a cap - it's more hygiene this way. The skin booster is natural with no hormones, non-irritating, lead-free and mercury-free. It is safe with no side effects for allergy skins, and is suitable for pregnant women.

I was having some difficulties in figuring out how to open the syringe, so here goes...

After removing the cap, just twist the start head. Voila! You are ready to use your skin booster.

The skin booster can be applied both day and night. Pump an appropriate amount into your palms, and gently massage onto your face and neck areas.

The booster is transparent and has silky texture. When applied, it doesn't leave sticky residue as it gets absorb easily by skin. I was a little worry that the booster might to rich for my oily-combination skin, but it turns out just fine. There are slight improvements on my pores but I've yet to see any fading of my acne scars. I believe it would need a bit of time to see more visible results.

I apply the booster every other day to keep my skin moist and hydrated. However, if you have dry skin or on days when your skin felt dry, you can apply the booster on daily basis. The skin booster can be applied as body lotion too! You may apply it on your body after shower.

The retail selling price for the skin booster is RM 80/pack. For more information on Hanangell Skin Booster, you may visit their Facebook or drop them an Email (info.evemagic@gmail.com).

Till then, stay pretty!

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